Investigations by Marshall Project and Others

October 23, 2017—5 minute read


Our daily recommendations for the investigative reporting you should be reading.

The Marshall Project ran this gripping account of a man who was convicted of killing an off-duty corrections officer in Chicago in 1983, and spent 26 years in jail, without knowing that the real killer had confessed to the crime two decades earlier.

FairWarning, an investigative site devoted to health and environmental issues, published this concerning report that links fertilizer nitrates found in drinking water of farming communities to dramatic increases in cancer rates.

While they are not exactly investigative stories, two recent articles in Wired are worth reading.

This explanatory piece argues that Equifax should be terminated by the state of Georgia, which, the author says, has the duty and responsibility to revoke its business license, in the wake of the company's failure to protect the financial data of some 140 million Americans.

And this opinion piece about Wikipedia makes some telling observations regarding the value of knowledge—and how our incessant need to feel pleasure has led to online entertainment saturation, eroding the many significant benefits of the Internet at its inception.

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