From Zuckerberg to MS-13, Here's What You Need to Read

Three very compelling stories published in the last couple of days caught our attention:

* A revealing interview  that Vox did with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, in which Ezra Klein asks, "Has Facebook just become too big?" Check out what the baby-faced billionaire had to say about his company's role in Russia's election meddling.

* A fascinating recounting in the New York Daily News of the murder of Martin Luther King, on the 50th anniversary of his slaying, from a former New York Times reporter, Earl Caldwell, who was on the scene, heard the fatal shot and suggests that James Earl Ray was not the assassin who killed the civil rights icon.

* A shocking tale jointly published by New York magazine and ProPublica of a teenager who helped police investigate MS-13, the gang that recruited him, and how law-enforcement showed its gratitude by helping ICE agents arrest him for deportation, marking him for death. "He's screwed," a retired FBI agent was quoted saying. "At the end of the day, that kid is going to become a statistic. If he wanted out, he should have just move to another town, lived in a basement with ten other people, and started working his way out."