7 Things to Read this Weekend

December 15, 2017


From a deep-dive into Trump's Russian dossier to a Reddit AMA, here are our recommended reads from the past week.

It’s safe to say that over the past year, you’ve heard stories about Trump and his alleged ties to Russia. You’ve probably also read about a supposedly explosive dossier compiled on Trump and his Moscow exploits.

Now, read the Guardian’s deep dive into the former M16 agent, Christopher Steele, who compiled what may turn out to be “the single most important investigation in decades,” as the Guardian puts it.

Another piece from the Guardian tackles the issue of climate change. Instead of the usual doom-and-gloom, the article shows that all hope is not lost when it comes to climate change, as truly innovative ideas are showing promise to mitigate the damage to our planet.

With the scary passage of the net neutrality roll-back, we might recommend this New York Times piece, which argues that the new bill will give behemoth corporations great control over the content you see online. It’s a good analysis of the bigger picture of net neutrality.

And for any budding journalists, we also found a few new resources we recommend you checking out.

The first comes via a Reddit AMA with the Washington Post reporters who broke the story of Roy Moore’s alleged sexual indiscretions. It's full of fantastic insights from the reporters on their reporting process.

If that doesn’t give you enough insight into the excruciating reporting process needed for such a bombshell piece, the Washington Post also has a great video on the subject. This is part of the publication’s new series, “How to Be a Journalist.”

Finally, and in that same vein, we suggest you read through this series of tweets from journalist David Frum about how small mistakes by enterprise reporters are a sign of their commitment to the truth.