Government Pay by Gender

Seventeen percent of United States citizens work for the government. But since employees work for thousands of different agencies between local, state, and federal, the information on Uncle Sam’s payroll is fragmented. It’s kept on different computers, in filing cabinets, and around offices across the country.

But now, after spending 12 months petitioning agencies for their payroll data, we're opening this information up to you.

We've created a searchable database of more than five million records. You can use the form below to search for specific data. You can scroll through payroll information for specific states by entering the specified area you're looking for into the "Jurisdiction" section below. If you want to search through a specific agency, say the Federal Bureau of Investigations or, more general, police departments, enter that information in the "Department" field. Or, if you're seeking information regarding specific jobs, say teachers, input that information in the "Job Title" field. You can also access the entirety of the data by leaving all fields blank and simply clicking "Search."

You can also download all of the raw data here.

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