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       We have a network of veterans to mentor the next generation of great investigative reporters.    

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Are you passionate about investigative journalism and want to support our endeavor to keep it alive? We're accepting donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. 

If you are interested in making a monetary contribution, or if your company is interested in partnering in some way with The Hatch Institute, please email Brad Hamilton.

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Pitches and tips

We fund investigative stories that give voice to the voiceless and hold power to account. 

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Unless otherwise stated, our articles and data can be republished without charge under Creative Commons. That means you can copy, distribute, and transmit our work for non-commercial purposes. It does not allow you to alter or transform our published work without prior consent.

The Hatch Institute co-publishes with media outlets so that our work reaches as many people as possible. If you'd like to partner with us, please email our editor-in-chief, Brad Hamilton at

Most often, we do all the work and provide a finished product. Sometimes our media partners share the effort involved in the investigation. 

These are the rules that we work under:

  • We must be prominently credited early in the re-/co-published version

  • We require review and approval of the media partner’s final copy prior to publication

  • The Institute and media partner must agree on a publication date

  • The byline must be our reporter/s